Children's room and icons

The icons in a child's room are irreplaceable, with the most significant being an image of the Guardian Angel, the child's divine protector. This iconic presence assists and shields the child from life's challenges. As the child grows into awareness, the image serves as a focal point for prayer and seeking guidance. Angel icons and other sacred images, explore the exquisite collection at Elevate the spiritual ambiance of your child's space with these meticulously crafted symbols of divine protection and guidance.

Ікона Янгола Охоронця

Amber Guardian Angel Icon:

In the spiritual journey of believers, every icon holds immense significance. The Guardian Angel's image is no exception. Each individual on Earth is accompanied by their Angel, providing lifelong protection from troubles. This sinless and perfect celestial being, created by God, guides individuals in living according to divine laws.

From the moment of a child's birth, the Guardian Angel diligently watches over and protects. Thus, the primary icon for a child should be the Guardian Angel. This precious icon can be gifted on the child's birth, baptism, or on the day dedicated to the angel. For those who lack such a relic, it can be acquired in adulthood.

Much like the depictions of saints, the image of an angel carries specific symbolism. A young and angelically beautiful figure typically holds a staff and a cross, signifying guidance and protection. Wings on the back symbolize heavenly origin, and the eye on the forehead represents clairvoyance. The icon, regardless of size, is adorned with gilding, precious stones, ornaments, and carvings. Icons embedded with amber are considered particularly potent due to the stone's magical properties, offering protection, healing, and wealth attraction. Essentially, the amber Guardian Angel icon becomes a talisman for the child.

Картини в дитячу

Art in the Nursery:

Parents often contemplate how to enhance their newborn's room aesthetically. The question arises—should pictures adorn the children's room, and when is the right time for such decor? Notably, images of saints won't overwhelm a child. Many parents, grounded in faith, introduce them to provide added protection for the newborn. Whose images should grace the children's room?

Church advice recommends icons of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, the Guardian Angel, and a saint with the same name. In instances of a child's poor health, an icon of Panteleimon the Healer can also be added. Turning to these icons during life's challenges invites protection, prosperity, and healing. These sacred images can be obtained directly from the church or ordered online, each requiring sanctification before placement in the room.

Icons can be positioned creatively in the children's room—near the bed, on the east side, or even in the highest or far-right corner relative to the entrance.

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