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We are all about collaboration here at Creative Libraries Utah so we are very excited about ULA’s new mentoring program. Mentoring connects individuals and the institutions that they serve. Mentoring is key to professional development and truly helps with professional satisfaction. Here is a link to the program and the announcement from the Utah Library Association.

Utah Library Association Mentoring Exchange

“Utah Library Association Mentoring Exchange

The Utah Library Association is founding a mentoring exchange. We are calling for willing mentors and interested mentees. Mentoring relationships can be essential to professional development and personal fulfillment. The mentoring relationship is personal and should be enriching to mentor and mentee alike. ULA is invested in the development and sustainability of librarians in Utah and believes a mentoring program an invaluable resource.

A small group of interested librarians will be helping connect mentors and mentees. If you are willing to be a mentor please send a short (one page) biography to [email protected] . If you are interested in being a mentee please submit a biography (including professional aspirations) to [email protected] . Once connected, no one is obligated to remain in a mentoring relationship. Each relationship will be unique and will be exclusively molded by the mentor and mentee.

This will be an ongoing program, so please feel free to inquire at any time.

Utah Library Association Mentoring Exchange

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