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In order to teach your children to value books, as well as to love spending time reading, to develop creative and analytical thinking, we prepare materials and practices, and we also request write my outline for me to the responsible people from

Stop-Motion Animation

Whiteboard animation loosely based upon Homer’s Iliad. Created for Junior Classical League. Placed first in NCJCL (North Carolina) State competition. Placed first in NJCL National 10th grade entry. Made at Imaginon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Original Soundtrack created by Rachel Rust with animation collabration between Rachel and Rebekah Rust.

How to guide: Stop-motion_animation_-_Anythink

Stop-motion animation tutorials for Windows:

From the Stop-motion animation PLA program, Kristen Stehel from the Utah State Library participated in a team project and created the following video.

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Teen Tech Week 2014: Circuits, makey makey, and more!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.30.59 AMAn entire week of programming ideas for teen tech week thanks to The Unquiet Librarian!

  • Makey Makey kits
  • Squishy Circuit kits
  • Conductive and insulating playdough
  • MakeyMakey piano and bongo
  • Duct tape crafts

Vine videos, images, details on The Unquiet Librarian blog:


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.23.15 AM


For more makerspace ideas and gadget guidance see Make: magazine |











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Garland Public Library Program Ideas

Here are some great program ideas from the Garland Public Library and from Dani in particular. Each of these events would work at just about any public library in Utah. Great job Garland Public Library for having fun with your teens and kids. HAVING FUN IS ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorites is the PIMP MY CART activity. Check it out and let the kids decorate your drab gray carts.

battle of the bands 2013

Dance Macabre Poster 2 Proofed (1)

makeup club nov, dec, and jan

pimp my cart

Garland Public Library Harry Potter ideas:
mandrake and zombie 2013 078

mandrake and zombie 2013 066

mandrake poster

mandrake 1

mandrake care

A Slew of Story Time Ideas


We just got a huge contribution of Story Time plans from Jess, a Library Assistant at the Park City Library.


Audrey Wood




Dance and Move




New books






Stuffed Animals

We are all alike

Lauren Zachary of Cedar City Library reminds us that libraries are supposed to be fun!

Lauren Zachary of the Cedar City Library reminds us to have fun and play at the library. Play with programming, play with decorations, and just have fun. What we do is intrinsically fun! Click on the images for full-size fun.

Cedar City Library 1

Cedar City Library 2

Cedar City Library 3

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Provo City Library: world’s best booklists


The best booklists or reading lists that I have found so far in the state of Utah are from Provo City Library at Academy Square. They can be found here: Provo City Library Booklists. They have created separate kids, teen, and adult sections and each is seemingly more impressive than the last. I am captivated by the thoroughness of the Provo City Library staff and administration. They have a beautiful website in general and an enviable library.

If you are updating booklists at your library this is a great example. If you are creating booklists for the first time this is a great place to start; no need to reinvent the wheel, but make sure you give Provo some credit on your website and send the administration at Provo City Library a thank you.

Provo City Library at Academy Square
Provo City Library Booklists