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A KICKSTARTER for the AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Creative Libraries Utah is almost two years old, and we need your help! These last two years we have had over 16,000 site visits and almost 3,000 podcast downloads.  We have tried to highlight great library programs and ideas, while also articulating our own experiences as librarians.  Submissions have ebbed and flowed, but we are still willing to publish and promote materials from any librarian or library that will help others.

Now here comes the kicker in KICKSTARTER: we need to raise a small amount of money to help pay for website and podcast hosting.  We as editors contribute a significant amount of time as we craft articles, record podcasts, and format submissions.  We will also be donating to the cause, but we sincerely hope that you will visit KICKSTARTER and donate as well.

We now have seven editors that will continue to illuminate great ideas and support great work from throughout the library world.  Please support us as we give of our time to support creativity and collaboration through Creative Libraries Utah.


Jessica Breiman, Rebekah Cummings, Tegan Davis, Dustin Fife, Adriana Parker, Tod Robbins, and Kristen Stehel


Come and get to know US!

Creative Libraries Utah is excited to host a networking social with our friends from EveryLibrary! We will be meeting at Squatter’s Pub in Salt Lake City on October 7, 2014 from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. This event is being scheduled to correspond with Library Journal’s Lead the Change event at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Even if you cannot attend Lead the Change, please come and get to know your library friends and colleagues better!

EveryLibrary is a PAC that raises money to help with political campaigns that affect libraries across the country.

Library Journal hosts Lead the Change events to help with professional development.

Please checkout this event and our amazing friends over at EveryLibrary!


Final Creative Libraries Utah Presentation for ILEAD

Tune in and watch each presenter share their experience, process, and discoveries throughout the course of the ILEAD program.

Presenters: Tegan Davis, Dustin Fife & Kristen Stehel

Date: October 24, 2013

Location: Utah State Library

Meet the Creative Libraries Utah Team


From left to right:
Tegan Davis—Park City Library Youth and Spanish Services Manager, Dustin Fife—San Juan County Library Director, and Kristen Stehel—Utah State Library Resource Sharing Coordinator.

We are three librarians from very different libraries and communities, and that is great! This project is about collaboration throughout the State of Utah for the mutual benefit of all libraries and library patrons. Please contact us at any time at . This is a full service operation; you do not need to do any formatting or posting. Send us your library content and we will get it up on the website for all to see.

Creative Libraries Utah invites all libraries to contribute content for the betterment of library services everywhere!

Send all library content and questions to and please tell your colleagues and friends.

Welcome to Creative Libraries Utah

This production is describing and advertising an incipient ILEAD USA project called Creative Libraries Utah. The purpose is to create collaboration between Utah libraries for the good of all library patrons. Creating creativity creatively: Creative Libraries Utah can be found at