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Come and get to know US!

Creative Libraries Utah is excited to host a networking social with our friends from EveryLibrary! We will be meeting at Squatter’s Pub in Salt Lake City on October 7, 2014 from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. This event is being scheduled to correspond with Library Journal’s Lead the Change event at the Salt Lake City Public Library. Even if you cannot attend Lead the Change, please come and get to know your library friends and colleagues better!

EveryLibrary is a PAC that raises money to help with political campaigns that affect libraries across the country.

Library Journal hosts Lead the Change events to help with professional development.

Please checkout this event and our amazing friends over at EveryLibrary!


Don’t Forget About the Grown Ups!


Adult Programming Suggestions

Don’t forget about the grown ups this summer; they need programming too. Public and academic libraries alike can build and strengthen their communities with programming that promotes science and literacy. We are surrounded by lifelong learners just waiting for opportunities. In addition, if children see their parents building rockets at the library, listening to local experts, or building new Apps, how much more likely are they to get involved and become lifelong learners themselves.

Adult Programming Suggestions


True GritSan Juan County Library in Southeastern Utah has announced their annual One County One Book program. This program is advertised as an opportunity for all residents to share in a literary experience. The program focuses on ages 14 and up and tries to select a book that will appeal to as many people as possible, while still giving them something interesting to discuss. This year’s pick is True Grit by Charles Portis, a masterful novel that has inspired two movies. Checkout San Juan County Library’s newspaper article that announces this year’s selection.

True Grit / San Juan County Library’s 2014 One County One Book selection.

Cautious Creativity: Thoughts for the Risk-Adverse Law Librarian

creativity-70192_640Galen L. Fletcher, Faculty Services Librarian for Howard W. Hunter Law Library at Brigham Young University, wrote an amazing article about creativity that can help any librarian at any library (probably just about anyone in any profession.) The article was published in AALL Spectrum and can be downloaded here: Cautious Creativity.

This paper left me with two nuggets of wisdom and a whole list of books that I now feel like reading. The first nugget was “As the legal profession experiences accelerated changes, I see creativity as a means for each individual within it to find continuous career satisfaction by matching who you are on the inside with what you do on the outside.”

The second nugget is even better, “The action of investing in oneself is the final key to continuous creativity.”

This article is a great reminder that when we are fulfilled on the inside and outside we will be the best librarians we can be.




Here is a link to one of the best cultural and archival projects that I have seen in a long time. This archive is relevant to Utah culture and history, Western culture and history, and just about anyone who loves to get in a car and drive. This archive focuses on US Highway 89 that spanned from Canada to Mexico and cut right through the state of Utah. If you have any collections or information relevant to this collection please contact the people at We are in the process of creating a permanent links page and will be included.


Copyright: The Highway 89 promotional flyer is not released under public domain. Copyright for Highway to Grandeur by John Clark is shared between John Clark and Utah State University.

Provo City Library: world’s best booklists


The best booklists or reading lists that I have found so far in the state of Utah are from Provo City Library at Academy Square. They can be found here: Provo City Library Booklists. They have created separate kids, teen, and adult sections and each is seemingly more impressive than the last. I am captivated by the thoroughness of the Provo City Library staff and administration. They have a beautiful website in general and an enviable library.

If you are updating booklists at your library this is a great example. If you are creating booklists for the first time this is a great place to start; no need to reinvent the wheel, but make sure you give Provo some credit on your website and send the administration at Provo City Library a thank you.

Provo City Library at Academy Square
Provo City Library Booklists

Eco-Friendly Libraries


We have received an amazing little 5 step program to make your library more eco-friendly. This is a great reminder that a little can go a long way. This comes from Tiffany Newton a librarian in Kansas.

Eco-Friendly Library-Tiffany Newton/ Eco-Friendly Library from Tiffany Newton.