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Episode #072–John Pappas, Library Manager and Game Genie (yes NES fans, I mean that Game Genie)

evillibrarianslogoJohn Pappas, Library Manager for Bucks County Free Library is on the podcast and it is an understatement to say that I am smitten!  John talks about the innovative ways that he is using games in his library and as community outreach.  He encourages all libraries to consider non-traditional collections and generally shares a great perspective on libraries!

Evil Librarians Podcast 072

Resources we discuss:

Board in the Library

John also wants everyone to stop by the Game Lounge in San Francisco at ALA 2015:

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Episode #071–Peter Bromberg, Associate Director for Salt Lake County Library

evillibrarianslogoThe inimitable Peter Bromberg is on the podcast today and we are talking about life, performance reviews, joint accountability, Salt Lake County Library, and many, many things in between.  Peter relays great resources for positive performance reviews and gives us four great questions to ask.

1. What are you proud of from this year?

2.Where would you like to stretch or grow this next year?

3. From your perspective, what is working well in the organization?

4. Where are there areas for improvement in the organization?

Evil Librarians Podcast 071

Resources we discuss:

Shining Eyes (Clip of Benjamin Zander)

Design Thinking for Libraries (FREE TOOLKIT)

Get Rid of the Performance Review!

Abolishing Performance Evaluations: Why they don’t work, and what does

Performance reviews are a big fate waste of time

Time to review workplace reviews

Kill Your Performance Rankings


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Episode #070–Brooke Young, Glendale Branch Manager for The City Library

evillibrarianslogoBrooke Young is opening a new library and we can all learn a thing or two from her!  Brooke is the new manager for The City Library of the Glendale Branch that will be opening on February 7, 2015.  Brooke gives insights into the process and what it means to be a new manager and leader.  The Glendale Branch has long been a dream for the residents of the neighborhood and staff of The City Library.

Evil Librarians Podcast 070

Resources we discuss:

The City Library 

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Episode #069–Kenneth Jones, playwright and author of Alabama Story

evillibrarianslogoToday, Kenneth Jones, playwright and author of Alabama Story joins the podcast.  Kenneth has penned an exciting new play that will be world-premiering in Salt Lake this month. It is about a heroic librarian in Alabama that fought for the freedom to read.  This new play is extraordinarily written and being performed by the outstanding Pioneer Theater Company.  Come hear Kenneth’s thoughts on Alabama Story, libraries, the freedom to read, and life in general.

Evil Librarians Podcast 069

Resources we discuss:

Alabama Story

Kenneth Jones

Utah Library Association

Freedom to Read Foundation 

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Episode #068–Rebekah Cummings, new PR Librarian for the Utah Library Association


Today, Rebekah Cummings joins the podcast to talk about her new PR role for the Utah Library Association.  We discuss an amazing play about Librarians coming to Utah called Alabama Story and ULA’s recent statement about Net Neutrality.  Don’t worry friends, Rebekah is still working at the Mountain West Digital Library as well.

Evil Librarians Podcast 068

Resources we discuss:

Alabama Story

ULA and Net Neutrality

Mountain West Digital Library

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Episode #066–NET NEUTRALITY, please do something, ANYTHING!


Today, Tegan and Dustin are talking about NET NEUTRALITY and why it is important that we all pay close attention. Policy set by the FCC now, will impact our society and culture for generations. The Internet needs to continue to be as free as possible, and ISPs are not worried about our best interests.

Evil Librarians Podcast 066

Resources we discuss:

President Obama

David Weinberger

Episode #065–Job Hunt: Searching, Applying, Preparing, and Interviewing


Today, Tegan and Dustin are talking about searching for work and the hiring process. Both Tegan and Dustin are in a transition period and they discuss insights they have gained recently while searching for jobs, preparing resumes, interviewing, and the many other facets of the JOB HUNT! Tegan and Dustin also discuss their exciting new positions.

Evil Librarians Podcast 065

Episode #064–John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary


“Any library initiative anywhere, matters to every library everywhere.”

Today, we have John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary on the podcast.  John is the enthusastic founder of the library world’s first Super PAC.  This political action campaign is making sure that libraries everywhere have the support they need.  John is a profound supporter of libraries and an innovative advocate. Please check out

Evil Librarians Podcast 064

Resources we discuss: