Declaration for the Right to Libraries


This has been available for a while, but we at Creative Libraries Utah want to make sure that everyone is aware of Barbara Stripling’s, ALA President, main initiative: Declaration for the Right to Libraries. This document aptly describes the role of libraries in society and the increasing need for this resource. This document is written in the style of the Declaration of Independence and is being used by librarians across the nation to garner political and community support. The declaration has ten main points:

1. Libraries empower the individual

2. Libraries support Literacy and lifelong learning

3. Libraries strengthen families

4. Libraries are the great equalizer

5. Libraries build communities

6. Libraries protect our right to know

7. Libraries strengthen our nation

8. Libraries advance research and scholarship

9. Libraries help us to better understand each other

10. Libraries preserve our nation’s cultural heritage

Learn more about the document here: Declaration for the Right to Libraries

See the document here: ALA Declaration

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