Cautious Creativity: Thoughts for the Risk-Adverse Law Librarian

creativity-70192_640Galen L. Fletcher, Faculty Services Librarian for Howard W. Hunter Law Library at Brigham Young University, wrote an amazing article about creativity that can help any librarian at any library (probably just about anyone in any profession.) The article was published in AALL Spectrum and can be downloaded here: Cautious Creativity.

This paper left me with two nuggets of wisdom and a whole list of books that I now feel like reading. The first nugget was “As the legal profession experiences accelerated changes, I see creativity as a means for each individual within it to find continuous career satisfaction by matching who you are on the inside with what you do on the outside.”

The second nugget is even better, “The action of investing in oneself is the final key to continuous creativity.”

This article is a great reminder that when we are fulfilled on the inside and outside we will be the best librarians we can be.

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