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Mountain West Digital Library


If you are unaware of the Mountain West Digital Library…well…STOP IT! This is one of my favorite online library resources and it is administrated right here in Utah, though it has many partners. We are going to have the opportunity to discuss the Mountain West Digital Library on November 26, 2013 with Director Sandra McIntyre on the podcast. Before that I think everyone should check out this amazing resource and consider how you can use and partner with the MWDL at your institution. Here is a blurb about MWDL from their website:

“The Mountain West Digital Library is a portal to digital resources from universities, colleges, public libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Hawaii. The MWDL has these goals:

Create a distributed digital repository of significant, rare, and/or unique resources from the libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions of the Mountain West region.

Provide a public portal accessing digital collections about the Mountain West for the benefit of MWDL partners, the scholarly community at large, and the general public.

Expand the digital library vision and environment for the Mountain West region, and support the digital library development efforts of Collections Partners, including colleges, universities, public libraries, school libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, municipalities, counties, state agencies, and other entities as approved by the UALC Council.”

Go to: Mountain West Digital Library