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Community Reps Program and the Digital Public Library of America

dpla-logo-7540ba3f90785a519efc8e58386b36d7Here is an article that Creative Libraries Utah’s Dustin Fife wrote about the Digital Public Library of America’s Community Reps program: Meet a Community Rep: Dustin Fife. This is a great program that everyone should be aware of that can help increase DPLA’s outreach and deepen your understanding of DPLA’s mission and resources!





Sarah Hall of Washington County has created two new beautiful reader’s advisory brochures. One brochure is for fans of Alice in Wonderland and the other is for lovers of time travel literature. Check them out and share in their glory!

NEW Alice in Wonderland

NEW Time Travel Brochure



Episode #033–Jim Cooper, Salt Lake County Library Director and Candidate for President of the Public Library Association


We are releasing the podcast a day early this week because Dustin is too excited to wait. We have Jim Cooper on the podcast today, Library Director of the prolific Salt Lake County Library and candidate for President of the Public Library Association. Jim talks about PLA and all the great upcoming programming at Salt Lake County.

We will be releasing a new podcast every Thursday.

Evil Librarians Podcast 033

Resources we discuss:

Bryan Stevenson’s Ted Talk

Episode #032–Millennials and Why You Hate Working with Them!


Tegan and Dustin talk about working with millennials, or just about anyone younger than you.

We will be releasing a new podcast every Thursday.

Evil Librarians Podcast 032

Resources we discuss:

A Survival Guide to Working with Millennials

11 Tips for Managing Millennials

Why Everyone is Wrong about Working with Millennials

Digital Public Library of America

Have you heard of DPLA? If you haven’t, you’re in for a nice surprise! DPLA is an all-digital, national library that pulls together the metadata of digital objects (books, films, images, photographs, etc.) hosted by libraries, archives, and special collections around the country and amasses them in a single portal with a single, powerful search engine.

There’s tons of cool stuff to be discovered; and don’t worry if you don’t have time at work to peek around…DPLA has a library of apps to help you discover its content on your mobile device when you’re waiting for the train to arrive, sitting in a doctor’s office, or simply have a free moment to browse the possibilities. Interested in using DPLA for research? Try the guide I created!



Stop-Motion Animation

Whiteboard animation loosely based upon Homer’s Iliad. Created for Junior Classical League. Placed first in NCJCL (North Carolina) State competition. Placed first in NJCL National 10th grade entry. Made at Imaginon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Original Soundtrack created by Rachel Rust with animation collabration between Rachel and Rebekah Rust.

How to guide: Stop-motion_animation_-_Anythink

Stop-motion animation tutorials for Windows:

From the Stop-motion animation PLA program, Kristen Stehel from the Utah State Library participated in a team project and created the following video.

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Teen Tech Week 2014: Circuits, makey makey, and more!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.30.59 AMAn entire week of programming ideas for teen tech week thanks to The Unquiet Librarian!

  • Makey Makey kits
  • Squishy Circuit kits
  • Conductive and insulating playdough
  • MakeyMakey piano and bongo
  • Duct tape crafts

Vine videos, images, details on The Unquiet Librarian blog:


Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 9.23.15 AM


For more makerspace ideas and gadget guidance see Make: magazine |











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2014 PLA downloadable program handouts!

imgresIf you didn’t make it to the 2014 Public Library Association (PLA) Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, check out the conference website to download handouts from the events. Saturday, March 15th is the last day of the conference, and there may be more documents available in the next week.



To the right of each listed program session you will see PDF and Microsoft Word type icons to download as shown in the image.  These are free folks, and there is value in some if not all of the documents.Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 7.15.09 PM



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Episode #031–Trish Hull and the upcoming Utah Library Association Conference


Trish Hull calls in from Indianapolis and the Public Library Association Conference to talk about the upcoming Utah Library Association Conference. We also discuss Jim Cooper’s, Salt Lake County Library Director, bid for PLA President.

We will be releasing a new podcast every Thursday.

Evil Librarians Podcast 031

Resources we discuss:

Ted Talk with Bryan Stevenson

Making in the Library Toolkit: Makerspace Resources Task Force

Makerspaces, digital media labs, create spaces, play spaces, studios, you name it! A place to create at the library is surfacing in conversations nationwide as more libraries express interest in this type of library service.

March 9-15 is Teen Tech Week!  Here is a great resource from the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).




Here is a link to the Build-a-Lab series hosted by the Utah State LIbrary. This five-part series features libraries from all over the nation speaking about the create spaces in their libraries.



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