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ILEAD USA 2015 Leadership Program



Applications: http://heritage.utah.gov/library/2015-ilead

Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover (ILEAD): The 21st Century Technology and Leadership Skills Institute for the States

The primary goal of ILEAD is to implement national programs that develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of library staff members who will apply participatory technology tools to understand and respond to users needs. ILEAD was designed to help library staff understand and respond to user needs through the application of participatory technology tools and the creation of an easy-to-replicate model program.

More information: http://heritage.utah.gov/library/ilead

Final Creative Libraries Utah Presentation for ILEAD

Tune in and watch each presenter share their experience, process, and discoveries throughout the course of the ILEAD program.

Presenters: Tegan Davis, Dustin Fife & Kristen Stehel

Date: October 24, 2013

Location: Utah State Library