Episode #062–Adriana Parker (Sexual Harassment, Feminism, Terrorism, and Librarianship)


Before we move on to the main topic, we also want to point out that we cannot justify any kind of violence (including sexual), because we differ from animals in that we don't have (we are not so dependent) on instincts, you can read about it at the request write my nursing paper.

We have a surprise second podcast this week. Adriana Parker, of the University of Utah Marriott Library, and I are going to talk about sexual harassment in the library and what happened this week in Utah with Anita Sarkeesian. We talk about how we respond to these events, and the fact that it is crazy that we are still denying that there is a problem and squelching conversation.

Evil Librarians Podcast 062

Resources we discuss:

Anita Sarkeesian

Sexual Harassment 

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