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Episode #066–NET NEUTRALITY, please do something, ANYTHING!


Today, Tegan and Dustin are talking about NET NEUTRALITY and why it is important that we all pay close attention. Policy set by the FCC now, will impact our society and culture for generations. The Internet needs to continue to be as free as possible, and ISPs are not worried about our best interests.

Evil Librarians Podcast 066

Resources we discuss:

President Obama

David Weinberger

Episode #041–Net Neutrality Revisited: The Reckoning






Dustin and Tegan revisit Net Neutrality and all that has happened since the Appeals Court threw out the FCC’s rules in January. This is an important issue of Accessibility and Intellectual Freedom that librarians must understand and attempt to shape.

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Evil Librarians Podcast 041

Resources we discuss:

Science Friday


Scientific American

The Wall Street Journal

The Huffington Post