EveryLibrary: we need them and they need us!

logo_808707_printI know you are all overflowing with that sweet librarian money, so I wanted to make sure you are aware of a great group that can use your help. EveryLibrary is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is ready to support you!

EveryLibrary helps secure funding for libraries at the ballot box. We train, coach, and consult with library communities on Information Only and Vote YES campaigns. EveryLibrary is donor supported in our pro-bono work. We believe that any library campaign anywhere should matter to every library everywhere.


We have witnessed the awesome rise of PACs over the last decade and it is important to understand that there is one working exclusively for libraries. Libraries are vulnerable as taxpayer-supported entities and our fate is often left in the hands of an electorate who does not understand because of misinformation from other political interests. EveryLibrary politically supports initiatives that support libraries through training and outreach.

Libraries need to talk to voters directly about the bonds, levys, milliages, and referendum that build, renovate, or expand library services for the next generation. 

EveryLibrary needs substantial ongoing support. They are here to help and just because your library does not need them today, does not mean it won’t in the future. Make this a sustainable resource through your support and advocacy.




By: Dustin Fife, San Juan County Library Director and ULA President-Elect

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